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New California balcony inspection law requires the inspection and repair of balconies and decks in condos, townhomes, and apartments. The team at Zenith Engineers provides top-ranked balcony inspection services that satisfy both California balcony inspection laws.

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Steve - client testimonial

Zenith Engineers retrofit management division saved my building! My construction bids neared $100,000 until they stepped in and arranged their own team to complete my retrofit for $75,000. I didn’t have to take out another loan and the process went a lot smoother than my neighbor’s buildings.

Steve C.
Marcus - client testimonial

The team at Zenith Engineers really are fantastic. I have worked with them many times through my builder contractor client, and Zenith are producing regular engineering solutions for retrofits in the cities of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Santa Monica.

Marcus F.
Marcus - client testimonial

I love that they are excited and passionate about my project. Very understanding and will go to extreme distance to make every possible options to get your project done on time. They provide lighting response on returning your phone call and emails. Most importantly they are always on point with great accuracy.

Michael B.

Condo & Townhome Balcony Inspections

SB 326

Passed in September 2021, Senate bill 326 dictates that common interest developments such as condos and townhomes must complete their first inspection of all exterior elevated elements by the date of January 1, 2025.

Apartment Balcony Inspections

SB 721

High-rise balcony inspection safety has been top of mind following the tragic 2015 Berkeley balcony collapse. HOA maintenance responsibilities now include regular inspections for high-rise balcony safety in addition to other exterior elevated elements such as decks, railings, walkways, and waterproofing systems.


Our Process

To ensure your property is in full compliance with California balcony inspection law, Zenith Engineers executes a five phase process.

Phase 1
Our team performs a thorough on-site survey to identify areas of concerns on all elevated elements. 

Phase 2 
We proceed into the full site inspection with the assistance of a licensed general contractor to remove and patch necessary stucco, trim, and any other items impeding the visual inspection of the waterproofing members and structural members. 

We are happy to recommend a preferred general contractor for your project, but you are free to hire your own if you choose. 

Please note: General contractor fees are NOT INCLUDED in our proposal In order to provide you with your choice. 

Phase 2.5
If any life safety issues are detected, we will notify you immediately. Emergency repairs are required by law to commence within 15 days of detection and must be completed within 180 days. Non-emergency repairs must be completed within 120 days.   

Phase 3 
Upon completing our inspection, Zenith will provide the final report to the client and the building authority with jurisdiction in your area.

Phase 4 
Zenith will provide a structural and architectural design delineating the scope of the required repair. This design should then be submitted to the authority with jurisdiction for permitting and then to a contractor for bidding. 

Phase 4.5
If you would like to streamline the process and personal effort of a repair, Zenith can provide bid management services through which we acquire, analyze, and level bids from several qualified contractors to deliver you our recommended options.

Phase 5 
We will offer you our “Owner’s Representative” services to manage and oversee contractors and the overall construction process through to completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

SB 326 and SB 721 are laws enacted in the state of California that require regular inspection and repair of wood-framed “exterior elevated elements.” These elements include balconies, walkways, and stair landings. While there are several differences between the two laws, the main distinction is that SB 326 applies to condo buildings and townhomes, while SB 721 applies to apartment buildings. Each California balcony inspection law dictates that a first inspection must take place before 2025. Subsequent inspections are to be performed every five years for SB 326, and every six years for SB 721.


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