Owners Representative / Project Management

Our uniqueness in being a vertically integrated design firm with owners representative services, helps us in assessing material costs, project rough order of magnitudes (ROM's), and sub-contractor past performances before the projects go out for bid. Our proprietary bid leveling processes help us gauge red flags in contractor selection paperwork before it is presented to the developer/owner. Our proprietary process technology has saved millions of dollars for our clients by just making them aware of industry information about a wrong selection of products or an unqualified contractor.

Zenith's vertically integrated design approach helps developers/owners with pre-construction services such as RFP's, Bid-bulletin, Bid RFI's, Bid Solicitation, Bid Levelling, ROM's, Contract & Bond review, AIA Boiler Plate Prep, & Construction Administration services.


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    Michael B.

    Michael B.
    Castro Valley

    I am so happy and lucky to be working with Zenith Engineers. From the beginning of my house remodel and addition, the customer…

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