Pre-Engineered Buildings

Zenith has worked with a diverse group of building manufacturers in many different facets. Fabric and steel buildings traditionally have a specialty engineer of record in house, but can often be overrun by high volume of work. Zenith can step in and help with the overflow because of our familiarity with a variety of building systems.

We also work with up and coming manufacturers, who may not be licensed in every state, but have a future project they are not familiar with; we help them with code analysis and essentially peer-reviewing their calculations to see if it meets different state requirements and stamp their calculations.

Pre-engineered building manufacturers can sometimes just stop on the warm envelope of the building and do not provide foundation design, our expertise in foundation designs is a breath of fresh air. Within one firm we can be flexible and determine if the gravity, uplift, or soil conditions will dictate grade beams, slab on grade, spread footing, pile foundation, or mat slab foundations.

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    Sam L.

    Sam L.

    Yisilayin from Zenith Engineers did a fantastic job for our home renovation project, which involved a couple of wall demolitions…

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