Seismic Anchorage of Equipment

Zenith's experience working with most of the country's equipment suppliers has given us a glimpse into all and new heavy equipment specs. We are the fastest in delivering anchorage design and calculations across the country. Any equipment over a certain weight needs to have the anchorage designed and engineered, and with our other experience in as-built drafting and structure analysis, we can offer a one-stop-shop for all of your anchorage needs.

Zenith Engineers is a full service structural engineering firm; meaning, we can provide skid and curb design if you are unable to directly anchor your equipment to existing conditions. We can also work with your skid and curb manufacturer hand-in-hand to deliver the most economical results for your project.

Ready to start your project?

    Ready to start your project?

      Sergio M.

      Sergio M.
      San Bruno

      I highly recommend them not only for their amazing service but also for the time they put into their customers…

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      Curtis I

      Curtis I.
      Project Manager

      We have been using Zenith Engineers for years. They are always quick and responsive…

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