Permanent Modular Design

Permanent Modular Construction (PMC) is taking the industry by storm. It's proving that building modules in a factory ensures higher quality and faster inspection processes, and assembling on-site not only reduces waste, improves safety and productivity, but also ultimately, speeds up the construction timeline positively, which contributes to the developers and owners ROI. PMC has been seeing success with hotels, schools, offices, and multi-family construction.

Zenith Engineers understands the complexity with PMC. Everything must be planned with materials that will provide exact fits in the field, meaning traditional design methods no longer work. Our experience in new construction technologies, materials, and means and methods, allows us to ensure an economical design that involves all OMEP trades as well. We started in CLT module design for hotel chains and quickly developed into full design development for manufacturers and developers.


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    Marcus F

    Marcus F.
    Los Angeles

    The team at Zenith Engineers really are fantastic. I have worked with them many times through my builder contractor client…

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