Stairs and Railings

Zenith Engineers works with an assortment of steel, stairway, and railing manufacturers to provide third party spec sheet verification and calculations. Zenith works hand in hand with manufacturers to understand the strength used in their materials and run them by what's allowable by code, these verifications can be state by state, or national verification. Manufacturer's are left with an easier time selling their products to architects, contractors, and the planning department when all know that their product has been third party verified.

Once in the field, site specific engineering needs to take place and cross checked with the project's engineer of record, to ensure the building's structural capacity can meet the anchorage required by the product, and conversely that the calculations on the product system meets the same code the project is falling under.

Ready to start your project?

    Ready to start your project?

      Alina D.

      Alina D.
      Castro Valley

      Zenith Engineering is my “to go” firm for all my engineering needs on my projects. As an Interior Designer, I always look for professionals…

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      Marcus F

      Marcus F.
      Los Angeles

      The team at Zenith Engineers really are fantastic. I have worked with them many times through my builder contractor client…

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