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About Zenith Engineers Inc.

Founded in 2009, Zenith Engineers Inc was created with the mission to support in-field construction engineering and architectural design. The founders' mission was to change the industry's perception of the structural and architectural engineering standard, in service, quality, and expertise. After 10 years, the mission has evolved to now offer services in six distinct divisions, including architectural design and development, construction, residential, seismic, manufacturing, and modular design, all while incorporating their love of construction means and methods. You can't design quality concrete structures if you don't know how to form it. We're motivated by client satisfaction and quick submittal processes so we enjoy sharing our expertise to make your project as smooth as possible.

Since our start, we have grown from two engineers to forty engineering and architecture professionals, and from one office to four. For two years running, we’ve made the Inc 500 list for Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America, ranking 446 in 2018, 213 in 2019, and ranking number 1 in the Engineering Sector. This growth is a byproduct of our own challenge to be the best. We're willing to try new architectural and home designs, new technologies, new techniques, and try new products and construction materials. Being based in Silicon Valley has influenced our approach to business, architecture, engineering, and how clients should feel about our process.

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Founders, Senthil Puliyadi, President and CTO, who brings 30 years of experience in large scale public infrastructure and energy projects, and Nikhil Choudhary, CEO, who has 20 years of construction management experience, bring their own unique perspectives to the team. They felt service, expertise, and responsiveness was missing from a few key areas in the engineering, architecture, and construction world and purposely assembled a team with diverse backgrounds in design, customer service, architecture, construction management, and structural engineering.


Design Professionals have either become complacent or scared of their own skills to the point where they over-design and increase construction costs for the client; at Zenith we don't do that. We design exactly to the code, which keeps costs low and automatically ensures against the failure of buildings and structures.

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