Seismic Anchorage and Bracing of MEP Lines

There's an increasing demand on new construction in the west coast, all pipes over 2.5" in diameter on commercial construction need to be seismically braced. In addition to hanger design, Zenith can also help on the seismic bracing side of things. We know the efficiency in designs and follow what's allowable by code, versus over-engineering which can quickly increase overall material costs.

Being independent of any manufacturer or distributor, starting your bracing design with Zenith ensures your project will stay under budget because we are not over-estimating in order to sell more product. We would be happy to review any plans you may have started with to see if your supplier is not following what is allowed by code, or is just trying to make an extra buck.

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    Ash P.

    Ash P.
    Project Manager

    The team always goes above and beyond to ensure that they are always competitively priced whilst still delivering quality service…

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