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Curtis I.
Project Manager

We have been using Zenith Engineers for years. They are always quick and responsive…

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Everson - client testimonial

Everson P.
American Canyon

I absolutely love these guys. I am a general contractor that has worked with Zenith Engineers for over 2 years now…

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Claire O.

As an Architect, I have worked with Zenith Engineers on several projects. They are fast, responsive and very flexible…

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Marcus - client testimonial

Marcus F.
Los Angeles

The team at Zenith Engineers really are fantastic. I have worked with them many times through my builder contractor client…

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Sergio M.
San Bruno

I highly recommend them not only for their amazing service but also for the time they put into their customers…

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Himanshu P.
Santa Rosa

Wiraj, Senthil, and entire Zenith team, I really appreciate all your help and hard work. You set a great example for this…

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Drew F.
Project Engineer

Yisilayin was highly responsive during collaboration and was able to expedite stamped drawings to keep the job on schedule….

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Ash P.
Project Manager

The team always goes above and beyond to ensure that they are always competitively priced whilst still delivering quality service…

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Miguel C.

Zenith stayed on top of us, always there, helping us, revising the shoring plan whenever we needed it. Thanks very much for that…

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Ralph A.

Wiraj is a highly skilled and professional engineer and works closely with clients to optimize designs that minimize…

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Ryan K.

I cannot say enough good things about Zenith Engineers. Juliette and Vincent are always quick to respond to my emails…

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Matt G.

I could not be happier having worked with Zenith Engineers. Yisilayin and Vincent were responsive and engaged in my wall removal…

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Giovanni G.
Project Manager

Zenith Engineers provided a design for a cantilever scaffold…This clever design saved our company on man hours and provided…

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Miguel A.

I personally recommend Zenith Engineers because they provide the best and highest quality engineering support for any industrial…

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Steve C.

Zenith Engineers retrofit management division saved my building!…and the process went a lot smoother than my neighbor’s buildings.

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Ethan E.
Property Manager

I could not be happier with their professionalism, the way they delivered on their contract, and the level of detail in their report…

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Zee K.

Consulted them for a structural drawing to install a 16 ft hood in our restaurant. They submitted the plan on time and worked with me…

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San Jose

Here is how I can summarize my experience: Professional, very polite, patient (answered all my questions)…

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San Ramon

San Ramon is known to be a tough city for its residential construction codes. Their drawings and proposal passed the very first time….

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Restaurant Owner

Very professional people. They worked on everything they promised. Finished on time and continued to advised well after the plan…

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Nancy L.

Zenith Engineering was awesome… They went above and beyond to meet our tight time frame. They were half…

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Linda H.

Any future needs that we have for a structural engineer, we will go straight to Zenith and recommend that you do too…

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Kawar G.
Shop Owner

These people know what they are doing. Extremely helpful. Thanks for the prompt…

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Soft Story Retrofit

Very, very, very impressive guys! I’ve seen a lot of plans from different engineers and this is top-notch….

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Yu-fen C.

So glad to find Zenith Engineers through a friend. Yisilayin and Irina are great to work with…

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Yangchen C.
San Francisco

Vincent and the rest of the team were very helpful and responsive from their end, from the beginning of the design phase, through…

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Steve C.
Thousand Oaks

I can’t thank them enough for their help in successfully getting us the permits needed for our project….

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Marcus L.
Los Gatos

Very responsive, courteous, and professional. I initially hired them for my home remodel project,…

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Bronwyn B.
San Mateo

From the beginning, everyone I worked with at Zenith was helpful and responsive. They were clear about what needed to be done…

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Jennifer K.
Redwood City

Zenith was very professional at all points during the engagement. They were quick to respond to my Yelp inquiry…

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John G.
San Jose

In all honesty, I came to Zenith because they were the most affordable quote by far, which both drew me to them, but also made me…

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Ani C.

Zenith Engineers in general and Sai in particular were amazing partners for us. Our home in Saratoga…

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Sam L.

Yisilayin from Zenith Engineers did a fantastic job for our home renovation project, which involved a couple of wall demolitions…

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Alina D.
Castro Valley

Zenith Engineering is my “to go” firm for all my engineering needs on my projects. As an Interior Designer, I always look for professionals…

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Jonathan E.

From beginning of quote to approval all through inspections, Yisilayin and zenith engineers was phenomenal! Also wanted to mention…

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Michael B.
Castro Valley

I am so happy and lucky to be working with Zenith Engineers. From the beginning of my house remodel and addition, the customer…

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