Our Team

Nikhil Choudhary, M.S. Struct.

Chief Executive Officer

Nikhil directs all business and engineering personnel for each of Zenith’s divisions. After he received his Master’s Degree in structural engineering from Michigan State University, he spent several years in general contracting and construction management, marrying engineering with in field construction. His experience makes him seasoned in domestic and international business management.

Senthil Puliyadi, M.S., M.Tech., P.E.

President & Chief Technical Officer

Senthil leads all engineering teams and quality control processes. With extensive structural engineering design experience as Engineer-of-Record on many heavy industrial and commercial construction projects ranging up $35+ million, he offers a library-esque knowledge base for our engineering teams. He has a Masters Degree in structural engineering from Missouri University of S&T and is a licensed engineer.

Yu (Vincent) Yan, M.S. Struct., P.E.

Partner, Estimating, and Operations

Vincent oversees all engineering projects, estimating, and operations. His role in estimating ensures he is always considering labor and material cost, and construction mean and methods during the engineering design ensuring everything is cost-effective. With a Master Degree in structural engineering from LA Tech, he is a licensed engineer who brings a unique experience to Zenith’s quality control, from start to finish.

David Renard

Vice President of Sales & Partnerships

David oversees all partnership development and personnel growth management with a passion that is fueled by client satisfaction. David brings close to a decade of experience in construction product manufacturing and modular construction project management to Zenith’s business development and processes. His experience ensures Zenith is always a step ahead of the industry. In his spare time, David sits on the board for the Society of American Military Engineers.

Wiraj Karve, M.S. Struct., P.E. TX

Director of Seismic Engineering

Wiraj directs the seismic engineering division and guides his team through projects like anchorage design to temporary shoring and scaffolding design. After receiving his Masters in Civil Engineering from Lamar University he spent 10+ years in the heavy steel construction industry learning from his experience as project engineer, on-site construction manager, product development and project manager, truly bringing multi-faceted engineering expertise to Zenith. He is a licensed PE in TX, WA, NV, UT, AZ, LA, and SC.

Yisilayin Silafu, M.S. Struct.

Director of Residential Engineering

Yisilayin directs the residential division connecting the estimating team with the project engineers. He provides quality control for the final submittals and guides project engineers to create accurate and cost effective engineering solutions. Yisilayin graduated from UC San Diego with a Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering and has 5+ years of engineering experience in lightweight framing structures, including: wood and light gauge cold form steel.

Ameet Dhillon, M.B.A.

Financial Controller

Ameet leads all financial accounting receivables and payables, contract negotiation and review for Zenith, bringing his bookkeeping expertise to all of our divisions. In addition to his MBA in accounting business administration, he brings ten years experience operating multi-unit franchises and financially regulating multiple corporations. Ameet is an avid fan of Soduku and likes spending time with his family.

Jason Leon

Business Development Manager

Jason manages all business development for Zenith’s Southern California offices. His experience in customer service and project management is an asset to Zenith’s client relations, and partnership development. Before Zenith, Jason managed accounts for one of the largest construction product manufacturing companies in the world. In his spare time, he enjoys being with friends and family, and a good round of golf.

Will Waters

Business Development Manager

Will focuses on client relations, and partnership development, while maintaining the highest level of support for his team and ensuring every client’s needs are being met. Will’s experience in public works management and real estate operations adds additional skillsets to Zenith’s business team. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the Ukulele, Guitar, Soccer, and taking hikes with his wife Siulin and their dog Bishop.

Sali Alim

Engineering Coordinator

Sali maintains and monitors project plans, schedules and expenditures. She is the liaison between our engineering teams and our clients. Her 18+ years of experience in the US construction industry across various roles including interior design, sales, and marketing bring a nice “pop” to Zenith Engineers Inc. Her favorite thing to do in life is trying new dishes from different cultures and countries.

Savannah Barlow

Marketing Manager

Savannah directs all marketing campaigns, website development, and social media for Zenith’s growth, development, and market strategy. Her 10+ years in sales and marketing in retail, as well as construction not only reinforces the Zenith brand, but also provides fresh ideas to new campaigns. In her spare time, Savannah enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family.

Ben Bronow

Estimating Manager

Ben manages cost estimating and helps clients navigate stages of projects for commercial accounts nationwide. His experience in fin-tech and con-tech startups provides a solid foundation for his role at Zenith, providing distinct insights into emerging technologies and markets. In his spare time, Ben enjoys travel and taking scenic motorcycle rides.

Irina Nelkin

Office Manager

Irina manages office operations and is responsible for a diverse set of administrative tasks. From payroll to on-boarding of new employees, she performs her duties with decisiveness and accuracy. In addition to overseeing personnel, Irina ensures the smooth functioning of the offices. She is a mother to a beautiful 11-year-old daughter, Katrina.

Juliette Chandler

Engineering Estimator

Juliette Chandler manages cost estimating for Zenith’s residential clients. She received her degree in Construction Management from Brigham Young University. With her background, she is able to clearly explain concepts and answer questions in detail for all of her clients. In her spare time, Juliette enjoys spending time with her husband, Joseph and their dog Bella.

Swadhin Prusty, M.S. Struct.,

Engineering Manager I

Swadhin leads structural design and manages engineering teams at Zenith. He helps junior engineers and structural draftsman work through commercial, residential, and soft story projects. He has his Masters Degree in structural engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology and has worked at various structural engineering firms in Chicago. He loves spending his free time exploring places and has a goal to tour all of the US’s National Parks.

Jay Monga, M.S. Struct.

Engineering Manager I

Jay directs a team of structural engineers while completing designs in commercial and residential design projects. He conducts Peer Review and oversees Construction Management for soft story retrofit projects. Jay’s diverse portfolio enables him to take a comprehensive approach towards design and analysis, ensuring that materials and labor stay cost effective. In his spare time, he likes socializing and is an active member of SEAOC and many Bay Area Meetup groups.

Swaroop Doddawadamath, M.S.

Engineering Manager I

Swaroop leads the design and engineering of residential and commercial structure seismic retrofitting, not limited to custom homes, family condos, industrial buildings, warehouses, and non-structural systems. Swaroop received his Masters Degree in structural engineering from the University of California, Irvine. He is fluent in the use of AutoCAD and other structural software. In his free time, he likes hiking and riding his motorcycle.

Alicia Zhang, M.S. Struct.

Engineering Manager I

Alicia performs structural engineering services including site visits, calculations, and drawings for commercial and residential projects, such as new home design and remodeling. Her diligence and attention to detail reinforces Zenith’s efficient and meticulous work ethic. Before Zenith, Alicia worked as a jr. P.E. in San Francisco for residential and non-conventional buildings. During weekends, she enjoys hiking or catching up with the girls on “The Good Place”.

Sudhanshu Kher, M.S. Struct.

Structural Project Engineer

Sudhanshu is a Structural Project Engineer for Zenith. He has a Bachelors Degree and a Masters Degree in Structural Engineering. With over a decade and a half of experience in the design industry, Sudhanshu is an expert in Seismic Anchorage designs, Shoring and Scaffold designs, Foundations design and Steel Structure design. In his free time, he is a professional piano player and is going to music school to pursue his hobby further.

Senthil Kumar, A.G.

Structural Project Engineer

Kumar has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and has been an integral part of Zenith for more than 5 years. Kumar is an expert in structural design and has worked on many of our commercial engineering projects including, roof and ground mount solar systems, carports, anchorage design for MEP lines and equipment. He is well versed in engineering software such as Matchcad, RAM Elements, and Enercalc.

Akshay Parekh M.S. Struct.

Structural Project Engineer

Akshay performs engineering services for commercial and residential clients by going out to job sites, providing calculations, as well as, creating drawings for various projects. Before Zenith, Akshay worked in Dallas as a structural engineer on large commercial projects, such as shoring, scaffolding design, and parking garages. In his spare time, he enjoys being out in nature and going on hikes as well as watching Formula 1 racing.

Luyu (Lux) Zhang, M.S. Struct.

Structural Project Engineer

Lux works on residential and commercial structural designs while directing structural draftsman. His unique experience in R&D for computer vision and AI in construction engineering gives Zenith a different perspective on the design lifecycle of a project. He graduated with a Master’s Degree in structural engineering from University of Southern California. In his spare time, he volunteers at animal shelters.

Chandra Gangishetty, M.S. Struct.

Structural Project Engineer

Chandra performs engineering services for commercial and residential clients by going out to job sites, providing calculations, as well as, creating drawings for various projects. Before Zenith, he was a civil engineer working on large scale projects in the healthcare and entertainment industry. Chandra received his Master’s Degree in structural engineering from the University of Houston. He enjoys playing games like Call of Duty and Age of Empires.

Shaista Basheeruddin

Structural Project Engineer

Shaista is a structural project engineer for our residential division and completes soft story projects as well. She received her Bachelors degree in civil engineering from Coventry University. She previously worked as a structural and architectural CAD designer for an engineering consultant agency as well as an executive construction secretary for a large civil engineering company. In her free time she loves to do Henna tattooing, beauty makeovers and watch Netflix. 

Ritesh Bhingare

Lead Draftsman

Ritesh leads and guides the drafting department of Zenith. He has vast experience in a wide range of projects including: transportation, industrial plants, scaffold design, and residential wood construction, along with more than a decade of Infrastructure and Structural project drawing. Ritesh is a team player, always eager to learn something new, and loves a challenge. At the end of the day, Ritesh does what he can to ensure not only customer satisfaction, but team satisfaction as well.

Pravin Thombre

Senior Project Draftsman

Pravin performs engineering services in civil and structural drafting including: mechanical anchorage, scaffolding, wall demolition, etc. He has over 17 years of experience in AutoCAD Drafting and before Zenith, he had over 14 years of experience in Steel Plant Project Handling. He received a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, as well as, a Bachelors in Industrial Science. In his off hours, Pravin enjoys spending time with his family, enjoys listening to classical music, and reading. 

Akshay Shinde

Structural Draftsman

Akshay is a structural draftsman and prepares structural drawings for projects such as, Soft Story Retrofits, Pipeline Bracing and Support,  Equipment Anchorage, Scaffolding Designs, and Structural Layout Plans. He has over 7 years experience in drafting and worked as a senior AutoCAD designer before working at Zenith Engineers. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and spending time with his friends and family.

Sudeep Telang

Structural Draftsman

Sudeep has over 7 years of experience in mechanical design, received a diploma in civil, and is highly skilled in CATIIA V5 and AutoCAD. He has over 4 years of experience in conventional drafting and a flair for BIM modeling. While at Zenith, he has designed many seismic retrofit, scaffolding, and anchorage projects.

Hirdyanand Singh

Structural Draftsman

Hirdyanand is a structural draftsman for Zenith Engineers and has over 10 years of experience in the industry. He has a large variety of projects in his portfolio from structural layout design of hospitals, hydro plants, and hotels. He received his bachelors degree in civil engineering and in his off hours, he enjoys listening to music and playing cricket.