John G.

David Renard

Zenith was fantastic to me. I’m in the middle of a pretty significant home remodel, the wall removal I hired Zenith to design being a major linchpin thereof.

In all honesty, I came to Zenith because they were the most affordable quote by far, which both drew me to them, but also made me a little anxious, especially since I have no experience dealing with engineers.

Turns out, no reason for concern. I’m sure that most any engineering firm on yelp can turn out a plan that will pass inspection, but I seriously doubt that many have the dedication to customer service that Zenith has.

I bugged them more times than I can recall with requests for clarifications and edits and they’ve been the picture of graciousness and service throughout.

Now I’ve got a plan that will pass inspection and that I feel comfortable putting together. All for the (far and away) best price I could find. Seriously, what more could I ask?

John G. – San Jose, CA