Marcus - client testimonial

Marcus F

David Renard

The team at Zenith Engineers really are fantastic. I have worked with them many times through my builder contractor client, and Zenith are producing regular engineering solutions for retrofits in the cities of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Santa Monica. Soft-story retrofits can be complicated and complex, especially with the various councils’ soft-story ordinances, yet Zenith create *great* results on a regular basis.

I was originally working with Jason Leon who is the Business Development Manager at Zenith Engineers Inc. Jason is professional, courteous and very helpful. He knows what he is doing and his plans and solutions are very clear.

These days I work directly with Juliette Chandler, the Engineering Estimator at Zenith Engineers Inc. Juliette is fantastic – she works very quickly with the turnaround of engineering solutions, and this makes my job a lot smoother with soft-story retrofits.

Happy to recommend Zenith – five stars.

Marcus F., Los Angeles, CA