Jennifer K.

David Renard

My husband and I hired Zenith to perform the structural engineering plans & calcs to remove 2 load-bearing walls in our 50+ year old, 2-story, Redwood City home. This was to allow for an open concept kitchen/living room area on the first floor.

Zenith was very professional at all points during the engagement. They were quick to respond to my Yelp inquiry, we did the contracting portion remotely, and after all was signed and agreed upon, Jay came out and performed the site visit. After taking numerous measurements and pictures, and speaking with us about design options and getting our final decisions on designs, Jay did all the drawings and calcs.

Irina sent us the printed and stamped drawings and calcs we needed to bring to the city for approval, which they approved at the first go (oh and trust me- Redwood City is picky! This is the only thing they approved at first try).

It was particularly helpful and gracious of Jay to answer our contractor’s many questions. He came back to the house to educate them on how to install a support beam in our sloped roof, which the contractor hadn’t done before.

I’m super grateful for Zenith- they’re professional and helpful and I couldn’t ask for anything more. I can’t wait to post final pics after the contractors finish the job. Thank you Jay & Irina for everything!

Jennifer K. – Redwood City, CA