Michael B.

David Renard

I am so happy and luck to be working with Zenith Engineers. From the beginning of my house remodel and addition, the customer service they provide is World Class. It’s like going to a high end dealership. Personal attention when you need it the most. Yisilayin and Irina are always very polite and very professional.

I love that they are excited and passionate about my project. Very understanding and will go to extreme distance to make every possible options to get your project done on time. They provide lighting response on returning your phone call and emails. Most importantly they are always on point with great accuracy.

I enjoy working with them and I so happy that I made the right choice. With a six day year old baby, they can accommodate my schedule so that I can have a face to face meeting. Everyone in their staff is easy to work specially Irina that always has a sunny disposition. I can proudly say that Yisilayin; my engineer is the best, top notch in the industry with enormous amount of knowledge in the field. Thank you so much for all your help, support and guidance.

Michael B. – Castro Valley, CA