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Educational: ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) Video

Educational: ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) Video

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Traditional building materials are becoming more vulnerable to California’s growing national disasters; wildfires have destroyed 33,000 structures in the last two years. Insulated Concrete Forms are naturally fire-resistant and rising in popularity as a re-building material. Zenith Engineers knows how to design and engineer these buildings to stay within the owner’s budget.

Want to learn more about ICF?

Read an article by Nikhil Choudary about Resilient Construction and using pre-engineered building materials that can withstand nature’s fury.

“In the past few decades, there has been a gradual move away from wood in favor of engineered products or metals. In my work of engineering sound structures, I’ve come across a number of alternate materials that I prefer to wood, as they offer far more disaster resistance and are efficient to construct.”