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Our Services for Residential Projects

Zenith Engineers helps Homeowners navigate their new home, addition, remodel or wall demolition design, with the patience and sensitivity architects are known for - that this could be your single largest investment and introduction to construction. We provide lump sum or fixed fee pricing so you are confident that the project will be completed on the up front agreed price and we will support you until the project is completed.

We work with Residential Designers so we can take an end to end approach to your design with a thorough analysis of what is allowable on your property from a square footage, zoning, and set back perspective. Our experience with different building materials gives you a chance to explore more energy efficient designs, more sound dampening walls, or even quieter construction approaches for your neighbors.

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    Hear From Our Clients

    Curtis I

    Curtis I.
    Project Manager

    We have been using Zenith Engineers for years. They are always quick and responsive…

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    Everson P

    Everson P.
    American Canyon

    I absolutely love these guys. I am a general contractor that has worked with Zenith Engineers for over 2 years now…

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    Claire O

    Claire O.

    As an Architect, I have worked with Zenith Engineers on several projects. They are fast, responsive and very flexible…

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    Marcus F

    Marcus - client testimonial

    Marcus F.
    Los Angeles

    The team at Zenith Engineers really are fantastic. I have worked with them many times through my builder contractor client…

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    Sergio M.

    Sergio M.
    San Bruno

    I highly recommend them not only for their amazing service but also for the time they put into their customers…

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    Sam L.

    Sam L.

    Yisilayin from Zenith Engineers did a fantastic job for our home renovation project, which involved a couple of wall demolitions…

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    Alina D.

    Alina D.
    Castro Valley

    Zenith Engineering is my “to go” firm for all my engineering needs on my projects. As an Interior Designer, I always look for professionals…

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    Jonathan E.

    Jonathan E.

    From beginning of quote to approval all through inspections, Yisilayin and zenith engineers was phenomenal! Also wanted to mention…

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    Michael B.

    Michael B.
    Castro Valley

    I am so happy and lucky to be working with Zenith Engineers. From the beginning of my house remodel and addition, the customer…

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